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Full Version: Please Help, Shaking screen
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Im a mac user using pcsx2 trying to play final fantasy x-2 but whenever there is a movie screen the screen shakes. Ive tried toggling the interlace but it doesn't help. also I'm using Xquartz. Ive been told you can fix it by pressing f9 or by disabling texture filtering but the first doesnt work and i cant find texture filtering anywhere in the configuration options. Help much appriciated
What video plugin are you using?
(04-28-2012, 09:47 PM)flurgle Wrote: [ -> ]What video plugin are you using?

By video plugin you mean something like pcsx2 or something like GSdx? b/c I'm using pcsx2 but in place of gsdx I use Xquarts. also I'm experiencing problems with shadow of the colossus where im running at like 10-20fps making the game virtually unplayable
also in both games theres something like a pixel displacement or something weird where things arent displayed properly. theres weird pixels that flicker over parts of the screen and on FFX-2 only the health bar is displayed, and only partially, and all the other things are like gone (unless i press down to use magic after I use my attack it partially shows the mp bar next to my health bar).