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Full Version: [Problem] - Shadow of the Colossus
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Hi there,

Well i have two problems :the sound is really laggy and sounds kinda robotic and the game is a little slow.

For the sound problem i read a post here on the forum about changing the sound setting to async. Yeah the music was nice until it began to play sounds far ahead of the video and now i don't know what to do...

Then i tested the in-game speed: it was slow(like 37~43 fps) so i tried some combination in the video plug-in config but i had no good results.

I'm also playing Onimusha Dawn of Dreams and it runs normally without any sound or video problem...

My PC specs are :
core i7 2,93GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTS 250

Could someone help me please?

SOTC is a deadly/disasterous demanding game unlike GT3 and 4 despite your rig is decent
best to try the VU cycle stealing at LV-1 or 2.
you will never get full speed on this game without using speedhacks.
set VU cycle stealing to 1, that should help.
Thanks a lot, now i can play it perfectly!!!

i'm having no problem at sound or video.