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Full Version: Question about integrated graphics.
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Would it be possible to play games such as Disgaea on Intel HD integrated graphics?

I ask because my mom also wants to play some of my PS2 games (Has a PS2 of her own I can dump the bios for, and since we live in the same house it's technically not borrowing my discs and all that), but her PS2 no longer plays anything but PS1 games. The only game she really wants to play is Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, and I told her her computer probably couldn't run even 2D games with her graphics card.

He processor is a dual core 2.4 ghz, so I imagine it would be fast enough for 2D games, but I don't know her exact specs aside from Intel HD graphics. Sorry.
should be ok for disgaea 1 & 2
Alrighty, thanks.