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Full Version: PCSX2 - Gran Turismo 4
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I've tried several different setups and still can't get any game to work properly. GT4 is the main game I want to play using PCSX2. I've got all the necessary files (BIOS, ISO) but it is still ridiculously slow.

PCSX2 0.9.8 r-4600
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Pentium ® Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz 2.30GHz
RAM: 8.00GB

It's ridiculously slow because youre on a slow laptop, thats why ;p

Sorry fella, but laptops are not designed to play emulators, especially standard ones, you have to spend a fortune if you want a laptop that plays them reasonably, youd be better off with a desktop.
What about the desktop PC

Windows Vista Basic
Processor: Intel ® Pentium ® D CPU 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz

hmm Pentium 4 based... Probably won't be greatly better Sad

Not to mention 1gb of ram on vista isnt going to be very quick without the emulator ;p
are there any realistic upgrades that would make this work?
a full upgrade, actually.

see the specs in my sig.
those ones are known to be ok for demanding games under pcsx2
with the current setup I can only upgrade the RAM to 2gb. Would that make any difference at all?
Nope, none.
PCSX2 requires a large amount of processing power, which both your current CPU's cant really provide. We also need a reasonable midrange graphics card to handle the graphics side of things.
GT4 is demanding. I have 2500K/8gb ram/6850 video, had to do lots of tweaking to get it running well ie. solid 60fps most tracks and situations. Even so, experience big fps drops now and then, particularly with night/city tracks and races.
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