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Full Version: Help On Hack GU memory
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So I'm about to finish Volume 1 rebirth and played it as ISO, I'm planning to play part 2 via DVD/PS2 CD. Now

On hack series there is this "Convert" Which you get to have bonuses from using your saved file on the first part and using it on the second. How can I use this convert if part 2 can't find saved files on PCSX2! I mean how would I do this? the PCSX2 Has only 2 memory card slots why can't it trace saved files from other games?
you mean it doesn't recognize your save from episode 1 ?
if so, you can still try this : http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Hack-GU-R...#pid222336
Yes :/ It doesn't, I don't have my PS2 anymore that's why i'm using PCSX2. What now?
If you don't have a PS2, you aren't allowed to use pcsx2 legally.
I have it ofc but my motherboard is f*ked up and I can't find guys who can fix it also something is wrong. Why? Because everybody enjoys ps3 now and all of the stores here don't entertain ps2 anymore lol. So what now? That's kinda off topic :/