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Full Version: Best bet to play DQVIII and Persona 4?
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what are the best configs to play Persona 4 and Dragon Quest ??
my specs:
2.4 GHz Dual core

one more thing
how do you play the game from the original CD?
i'm currently ripping them and then playing them but i wanna save some space
Not sure about Persona 4, but for Deagon Quest 8, it's best to play using ISO as loading from the DVD slows things down dramatically.
I finished P4. Awesome game.

Anyway, best settings for ADVANCED is to set EE/VU Recs to Chop/Zero to prevent hanging. I found GSdx in DX10 mode had the fewest graphical glitches too, so use that. I was able to turn up the internal res without any FPS decrease, so that was nice. In CPU config, enable MTGS mode and VU Skip and set skip frames to 45 and consecutive frames to skip to 12 (you may have to increase this number by a multiple of 4 to compensate for your slower CPU). The VU Skip settings, I found, were necessary to keep in-game dialogue from slowing down and making the characters from sounding drunk Tongue. I set the SPEED HACKS to stable. Any other mode causes the camera to be weird at certain sections of the game.

Game still has major slowdowns, especially at school or in battles though...but P4 is still very enjoyable. Hopefully later revisions of PCSX2 can fix these slowdowns?
Thanks a lot that really helped Laugh