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Full Version: Aggressive CRC Final Fantasy X
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Hey guys,

I wanted to ask what the recent revision that added the HW hack option for "agressive CRC" does to FFX/FFX-2. It states that these games are affected but I can't tell how. Problems as far as I know are already solved like ghosting by Skipdraw 1 etc.

Sorry if this question is already been answered I just could not find any search results.

I think it just removes the Depth of Field kind of effect.
Final Fantasy X even had depth of field? Surprised at that capability. But isn't depth of field a positive? Why would one disable it? Speed gain?
Nah, it's jut the leftover from "cutie" gsdx hacks, the author of it and probably lots of "maaaakeee it shaaaarper" fanatics dislike all blurry effects in games even if they were originally there, those hacks could only be throwed out completely or made to work by user choice as they're breaking what was working fine, well and soo by user choice it is now.
I think you can see some effect in FFX in battles or something? Like in the intro/tutorial battles if I remember correctly.

But yeah, that's why it's moved to the aggresive section. Some may not like it, as it may be too blurry when using higher than native resolutions.

#EDIT: ^Ninja'ed! I took a long time to read and post though. Me slow turtle.
Oh I see, thanks for answers. 1+ rep
Yeah it's the 'blur' effect in battles that looks horrible when running the game in super high resolutions, maybe it looked fine on those old CRT TVs Tongue
I did a quick test on Japanese international version. The background is sharper, as if SkipDraw is set to 1. Nothing else I've noticed so far.
It's the exact same thing as setting skipdraw 1 yes