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Obviously a fake...

Even if it's really working, hope you got a lot of patience running your games at 0.00000001 FPS

I think you mean PCSX in your post right?? Coz there is no such thing as ePCSXe..

or maybe PCSX + ePSXe = ePCSXe...Tongue2
I think this was already discussed in some threads in this forum..Can't remember it clearly...

I'm lazy to use the "search function" Laugh
About your question, I think I'll leave it to PCSX2 coders or someone expert who are willing to post here..And seriously, my amateur knowledge ends here..

Anyway I found something:

technically, no.
you're running pieces of software on an architecture that wasn't made for it.
an emu is a kind of real time translator.

if the machine's architecture is close to the original hardware, the emu won't have a lot of "translating" to process (i.e : Dolphin)
PS2 & PS3 's hardware are so far from PC's hardware that this "translating process" will require more raw power.

BTW, I removed your link to avoid any further problem.
(05-25-2012, 04:43 AM)Alexander Moore Wrote: [ -> ]input a PS2 game and output a translated PC version of the game?

If we actually can do this, then I would rip all my PS2 DVDs, nuff said Wacko
well, you just came to understand the difference between a port and an emu...
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