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Full Version: PCSX2.net revamped!
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Bositman Wrote:I know, but it's a limitation. It's 3 boxes which have to cover 100% of space, thus each is set to 33,33% width. Using absolute pixels will not do since we want the width to adapt to the users resolution

The site's not very smart then. There are 6 pixels in total. One gap has 2 and the other 4 pixels. 3/3 would solve this, but if it can't be done it can't be done. Just out of curiosity though, why would you need the number of pixels between the boxes to be dynamic? Stretch the boxes to fit the screen size and the distance between them could remain static. I don't think if I'd lower my resolution that the 2 px gap would disappear.

Also the total width of the site still remains lower then 1024 anyway so either the stretching isn't working or it's basically set up to appear fullscreen on 1024x768 screens. This is how it looks on my end.

Bositman Wrote:Any icon suggestion?

One of these maybe (note that the first one conveniently uses the same color scheme as the widget on the left)

Got them from here

Bositman Wrote:It should not stretch to cover ALL of it but it does adapt. If you remember the old site, in large resolutions you would get huge gaps left and right, while currently it mostly covers your screen.

Check my screenshot posted above.

Bositman Wrote:Can't add anything else (I should even reduce the top menu since in some cases it wraps even now). It does not fit the template and the menu will wrap in a second line, making it look horrible

Sorry for not being clear enough, I meant directly above the blue menu strip.

Bositman Wrote:Any proposals? I can't think of icons fit for download categories (using a windows icon for windows DLs, linux for linux etc would not look nice Tongue )

I'll update this later. Going to post the comment before I get unlucky and they take away the electricity.

The Tools and Archive are from here (licensing should be ok). For plugins the cog wheel from GiNUX could be used.

and the arrows are by me

Bositman Wrote:I'm using a ready jquery library for that, so I can't really modify it. TBH I think it's fine and the resizing probably can't be helped since each shot is a different resolution. Still, I can try some other libraries but IIRC this one looked the best

Then leave it. It's not such a big deal.

Bositman Wrote:Not sure a competition is needed, but any proposals anyone has are welcome. We do not have a designer on board after CKemu left and that's lots of years Tongue

Then lets hope someone can come up with something good. Same for the background, although I'll go look for something better and see if I can find anything.
Internet Explorer is -->> ;_; anyway.. I do understand supporting it at least more or less for those poor souls that don't know any better... but
^_^ Firefox ^_^
plus there are other web browsers out there... all better then IE ^_^ ;_;

^_^ Firefox ^_^
I love Firefox but its ability to go Beta is a bit {Sad
meaning I can't switch it to beta update channel like u could in the old days via the about:config tab
I do understand, that with beta updates that change the databases, down/up-grading back to release channel might not be possible till the next full release..
16% of our visitors use IE...so yeah Tongue

I looked into the adapting thing thanks to bmate's comments, now it should stretch properly Smile It IS limited to a maximum of 1200px width, since if you stretch over that it looks like crap, but it should be much better Smile
Also on the Cpanel, added a layout that removes the 3 latest boxes, for those who don't like them Wink
Tried adding more icons on the top menu, but the extra pixels they take force the menu to wrap in a new line in small resolutions like 1024x768 Wacko Don't think I can do something about that, except not use more icons
Man this Joomla is tricky. Even though there should be enough space even at 1024x768. Oh well.
(05-31-2012, 12:09 AM)refraction Wrote: [ -> ]omg Qwin! where did you come from?

(05-31-2012, 12:17 AM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]Qwin? OH NOES! I would never had made this site if I knew it would bring you back!!111 Tongue

You mean the slideshow is slow?

From hell Evil

But yes I did miss you guys Wink (Not in a gay way! )
(06-02-2012, 08:17 PM)Qwin Wrote: [ -> ](Not in a gay way! )

I still like the old site.
this new site is a bit "off" with it's background and the logo
Can you tell what you prefer from the old site that the new one lacks? I mean I understand not liking the new one, but preferring the old one baffles me Wacko
The old site was plain and simple and some people prefer that over anything else.
Also the color tone, it fit PCSX2 Tongue2
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