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Full Version: PCSX2.net revamped!
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rama's gunna get bannzoreed.......

i did like that blue theming though, even if the colours clashed alot.
(06-03-2012, 08:41 PM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]Can you tell what you prefer from the old site that the new one lacks? I mean I understand not liking the new one, but preferring the old one baffles me Wacko

just like rama's opinion

(06-04-2012, 02:30 AM)rama Wrote: [ -> ]The old site was plain and simple and some people prefer that over anything else.
Also the color tone, it fit PCSX2 Tongue2

overall, the old site is plain, simple and tidy
well, at first I open this site yesterday, I mistype the address to pcsx(dot)net
then I make correction to the address and got shocked, did pcsx2 gone?
I even make a google search to make sure I got into the right place
Yeah I guess there's no helping people preferring just one column of news text over any other functionality Tongue
The current *Neo* design is PERFECT ^_^ Mwhahahaha ^_^

it is very simple and the design layout is very neat, thought out, featured,
as the latest SVN builds is the place to be ^_^
having a svn build log right there is
^_^ Mwhahahaha
^_^ Mwhahahaha

a darker background with lighter bubbles for info displays
allows for easier mental focus on a specific item
^_^ Mwhahahaha

Simple yet Elegant ^_^

the old site was cluttered with ads made it hard to piece out
actual content.
Every latest news were easily seen from homepage, ranging from new forum threads to compatibility, simply good!!!

And, less ads Smile
This is my first post on the forums (registered long long ago though). It seems I've missed the whole "big party", but the time here doesn't really matter.

I'll be as blunt/straight/honest as possible: as an freelance web-coder and a human being with sense of taste, I hate this "new" layout and the engine you've used for "revamping", from the bottom of my heart.

Seriously, what is this? Blocky torn-apart Joomla "design" with Java scripts you had no understanding in? With huge font size and cluttered, overpopulated blocks.

Alphabetical links of compatibility list in the upper left block? Really? So people would never $#%&* notice them?!

Congratulations, folks. You've succeeded in ruining your own site. A lot of users including myself now have absolutely zero wish or reason to visit it any longer.

*Bookmarks buildbot page instead*

Have a nice day.
Thanks for the constructive criticism Smile You are free to never come back again Tongue
(06-08-2012, 03:29 PM)dsp2003 Wrote: [ -> ]Alphabetical links of compatibility list in the upper left block? Really? So people would never $#%&* notice them?!

Go to hospital and have an appointment with a doctor about your eye, seriously, before it's too late...
After so much testing it should have Now let's see how server load will go...
I really like the new site. Very well organized and easy to navigate. Everything is right there at your finger tips.
Great job!
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