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Full Version: PCSX2.net revamped!
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Never called you an idiot, except if you mean squall's post.

Quote:The forum has a age mismatch, it allows to enter until the registration page under certain age and then prompts you to change it because doesn't meet the allowed range.

Complain to the mybb group, not me.

Quote:And for your info, "Courier News" isn't even a font. Good job hiding the Fast, flexible and powerful T3 framework with css instead of removing it.

Wasn't intentional. I'll just remove it.

Quote:It's better use proprietary CSS3 prefixes for everything, so it looks round and require two independent JS frameworks with a ***** of plugins, including sexylightbox.

I am aiming for cross-browser compatibility and IE compat up to IE7. If you have anything to propose, I'm all ears. No I am not using a ***** of plugins and yes to have lightbox, you actually need to...include it?

Quote:And call me idiot again, but 61% (1254 rules!) of the CSS downloaded isn't even used. So, keep boasting about minification.

I'm aware of that and will look into it when I've got nothing more important to do. IMO this is pretty minor, the unused CSS is about 60 KB (OMG!!111). Old site had much more redundant stuff loading, but I guess you didn't want to ***** then for some reason.

Quote:And that's just taking a quick peek, I don't even know where to start talking about that inconsistent behemoth that used to be called markup.

It's valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (if you disregard the CSS3 errors which are because of the social share buttons). But I guess you only want to flame so you 'missed' that.
I see you also 'missed' the statistics I posted proving that you are indeed a minority and that most people very much prefer this new design from the old one. Would be nice if you stopped flaming and tried to actually help.

Quote:Keep up the good job, expert.

Never said I was an expert. Keep up that attitude, then wonder why people ignore you or call you an idiot Rolleyes

bmate, nice work there. Although you are missing the stuff the left side menu has, and it looks just like the old design. The point was a different design and change seems to bug some people (although never thought it could cause this kind of hating levels).

I agree on the logos, but if you remember, there was a competition held for the program and icon (which was also used as a favicon later), That's why we aren't changing these. Also a bios rods favicon would be pretty much non - discernible.

Quote:Once those are finalised the staff could find someone who is willing to design and create a homepage that isn't based on Joomla or at least modify the crap out of it. Maybe you could even hire someone. Just find a student who needs some extra cash.

I really can't understand all this hate against joomla, or having to modify the crap out of it. It's as fast as the old site, has much better functionality and better cross-browser compatibility. If you don't like the design, tough luck, many people hated the old design as well and were told the same. We can't appease everyone. Posting your opinion is very much welcome (and as you've seen, we do take it into account) but calling a design junk because you don't like it is a very different thing.
When I said you, I was talking in plural.

Just use Modernizr or something alike.

Compress all the JS together, in a single request, and put it at the end of the page.

Yes, that's a lot of plugins, and Mootools and JQuery are redundant, just use one of them.

Graceful degrade. Unobtrusive scripting. Search for it.

The compatibility DB can't be used without JavaScript, and isn't exactly straightforward to use.

Don't force server side redirects depending on the user agent. Just change the CSS rules client side using media queries.

HTML5 is made to be retro-compatible.

Joomla is a cumulus of mismatched plugins and exploits. Isn't exactly the best CMS nowadays, also, the most hacked one.

Keywords aren't used anymore by search engines.

SEO per se is a bad practice, just care about the quality of your content, structure, and your users, the rest will come along. But that's just common sense, and PCSX2 is pretty well known already.

Please compare both designs. Less is more. At least keep the application color scheme, or something more fitting.

Size isn't an excuse to do it wrong.

The other site was alright overall, but this was completely discordant,
I also thought that this was a fan site or something at first. That's why, and because I care about it, I post.
(07-06-2012, 03:00 PM)bmate Wrote: [ -> ]I actually started to create a design for the site as a personal challenge/hobby (I have not studied design). Unfortunately I never finished it (because it was time consuming and I started to play New Vegas), but since people are still complaining about the design and because I don't want to waste the work I put into it, I thought I might as well show it to you guys.

[Image: kbuNDOcEY695xK.jpg] [Image: k1UQPZBYz10CA.jpg]


Saw a old youtube video of PCSX2 install...showing the old site...so had to post here.

I miss the old blue background from the old site. This new one does make it, as someone in this thread put it, look somewhat amateur / fan siteish. Never thought of it that way till someone mentioned it.

I like the design in the post I quoted... looks much better IMO (hint: blue background, and the compatibility list on top of page)

And for the compatibility list I admit it took me a week or two to find the list by letter on the left side of the page. If you could put that above the game list instead of on the left that would be great.

Anyways if you could change the 2 things mentioned here, then the new site is great!
Otherwise I'll miss the old one.

Edit: Another thing too.. the old site seemed less cluttered to me. Now with all the information running down the sides of the page... IDK busy designs don't work well for me.
Quote:And for the compatibility list I admit it took me a week or two to find the list by letter on the left side of the page. If you could put that above the game list instead of on the left that would be great.

http://pcsx2.net/compatibility-list.html <--Welcome to the Compatibility list! This list will help you find out if your game is compatible with PCSX2 and to what extend.
On the left you will find the filter controls, along with the search box which will help you find your game faster. Below that you will find the compatibility key explaining what each status color exactly means. Enjoy

Took you 2 weeks to read the text? Seriously, not my mistake Tongue I can easily move them above the list, but it was our idea (and CKemu's, your design god Tongue) to be located on the sides.
well if ckemu said so.......
Please keep in mind that we're a small team and not particularly invested in website design or coding.
We're spending our time working on PCSX2 first, and the public / forums second.
People on the team have wanted a new website for years now, some because of the stale design (not me, i still love it),
some because it offered no value to visitors except to provide the binary download.
Bositman took this into hand and created a whole new site himself, something that's worth a little more respect.

Now, it's clear that you have experience in site design and code and you dislike what we currently have.
If you wanted to offer advice and fix some of your issues, why the rage on every item?
Had you just pointed out the problem and suggested your fix in a professional manner, we could've just
done the work and avoid all the useless drama.
I just got angry because reading the compliments of some regulars here, praising it like it was awesome... and modern, is ridiculous.


This. Had its function, receive new users with a few options like showing the more relevant news, the guide or check their games.

That's it. No distractions, completely outstanding in its purpose, pretty cool actually.

Now, compare the game DB. It's just perfect. Shows the meaning of every key and a search box. Nothing more, nothing less.

Worked without JS or any other clumsy tricks.


Versus the cluttered, uneasy frontend you have now. Like the guy above me said, the search box misses its point by a mile. Nobody wants to search a game alphabetically, options everywhere, and the URL is completely different, so all the bookmarks of people, direct links from other sites and google are broken.


And that's just an example.

Seriously, do you really need me to state the obvious?

That said, the previous site was an example of good practices and tidy design, that really helped the project to stand out. Not many open source projects, even in the emu scene, had a well defined identity like this one.

And that hurts me hard, as everything is shattered down in a moment.
"I just got angry because reading the compliments of some regulars here, praising it like it was awesome... and modern, is ridiculous."

And your's, just like their's is opinion, yours might come from some egotistical idea that you know better, but it doesn't make it any more valid.
(07-06-2012, 03:27 PM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]...

Also a bios rods favicon would be pretty much non - discernible.


but calling a design junk because you don't like it is a very different thing.

I agree, calling it junk is not constructive criticism, that's why I don't maintain that the current design is junk, I just think the old design had a more serious appearance.(but was a bit hard to get around and the latest SVN revisions on the new one is the addition I appreciate the most)

When I did that little side project I aimed for something that looked like the old but with the features of the new one, specifically because I've also seen that some were really bothered by the new site. That's why I took it up, to see whether I could do it.

I didn't do it because I hate the new design and wanted to push you guys into redesigning it to be like that. Heck if it wouldn't have been for @swyter's post that mockup would still sit on my HDD.

As for the favicon, yeah definitely. Including all the rods would be pretty much a no-no. I know that a competition was held (I got the inspiration for my take on the logo from that thread) and there were a lot of fantastic submissions however I still believe that a consistent design among the assets would benefit PCSX2 even if the project is open-source and partly community driven. Think of it as brand recognition.

I believe that's why some people don't like the new site too. I personally always associated that shade of blue with PCSX2 because it was on the site for years, it was/is in the icon and the emu too.

Lastly, if I have said something that offended someone previously or now, I'd like to apologise. It wasn't/isn't my intention.
bositman, didn'tyou mention a chance of having selectable themes for the front page (on one of the pages back)
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