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Full Version: PCSX2.net revamped!
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(05-27-2012, 08:55 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]i just realised the compatibility list is set to view in index mode by default instead of listing all games by pages -_-

What? That did not make sense
awesome job thanks !!!!

looking forward for a new forums as well just without the Bugs Tongue

good job

just love the compatibility overview it shows how good the emulator is "yeah we have 75% payable we are Godly devs Laugh"

and the complete Archive sector just amaze me Smile
All weird issues should be fixed, try again and post some feedback please Smile (cache somehow was getting corrupt 0_o )
Okay im just going to come out and say it. "It" haha take that society!
Ps , good job bositman
Thanks. You drunk? Tongue
Great New look
wait is that really true 10 million download for PCSX2 0.9.8 !!!!!!

[Image: Capture.png]

or it is fake ...
if that's true then i totally underestimated PCSX2 popularity ! OhmyOhmyOhmy
Awesome. My only suggestion is to put a bit more meaning into changing the site. Right now it looks like the typical forum portal, which is with news in the middle and a couple of widgets on the sides (see my old game-design website - http://frontiersoft.omgforum.net for an example of this, only mine doesn't have any right-hand widgets). Try making it more custom and cool that the typical thing with modified CSS or..whatever you're using.

Btw, if you guys need an extra website made for any reason, I'll happily do it for you ^_^ I've made forum, main websites, video upload sites, and picture upload sites before Laugh

I'm not gonna lie - The old theme was very simple and clean and I kinda miss it. Just put more meaning into why you changed the theme with new features and I might be able to get accustomed to it more. Though right now it kinda looks like an unnecessary change to me Wacko

Edit : It'll just take some getting used to I guess. Would be cool if you could make the theme much like the forum though Laugh

Edit 2 : Oh, and if you actually do decide to go to where I linked, keep in mind that it's been abandoned for ages. I just did some quick work to get it running and then kinda left it because nobody actually used it xD

Edit 3 : Btw, it still has a lot of credits on it. 5000, to be exact. I could register a domain name and remove all ads and so forth from the site with that. If you guys need a new site for anything just let me know, really.
Oh no, you gonna get yourself banned.
Ps Bositman, Dont mind him, probably just that time of the month, no reason to ban him!
Im sure what he MEANT to say was "I loved the changes, a real 1984 utopian feel. Keep up the good work bositman Tongue"
(05-28-2012, 07:43 AM)omnikam Wrote: [ -> ], probably just that time of the month, no reason to ban him!

he is dude Tongue
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