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Full Version: First Configuration (can't find Bios)
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i read all PCSX2 0.9.8 /BIOS configuration

i put iso files in bios folder, but nothng.

i can't see anything

[Image: 2iaqw3p.png]
[Image: rhqtq8.png]
[Image: vn2zkh.png]
Those are games...not bios.

PS2 bios do not use the .iso extension, those are image files (burned discs, or in this case, your games).

Edit : This is what bios should look like -


The only legal way to do it is to get the bios from your PS2. Just in case this is what's going on - If you don't own a PS2 then this is illegal and you cannot use PCSX2, or well, at least nobody here is going to help you figure this out. The PCSX2 team does not support piracy, so they're not going to talk to you about it unless you own a working PS2.

If you own a PS2 then follow the guide. Otherwise you're on your own.

Edit : Also note that your's would just be a few of those files. I have more because I have bios for more countries (legally btw). If you tell me what country you're in I can tell you what to look for.