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Full Version: [Bug Report] Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
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*Lastest Version + SVN
*Gsdx9 (Hardware)

-Breakage has occurred at some stage in the game and hardware mode produces this kind of tissue lines appear on the first picture. The second image is an image I think a very good texture to show disappointment.

Bird reports are sent to the site being deleted. I could not understand why. I hope you can try to be helpful by showing the problem. That is an indication of topics that I helped deleting problem.

Thank you.

[Image: 709nu.jpg]

[Image: 709xx.jpg]
tried software mode ?
Do not use the software mode. Because most games do not remove the visual effects for the game slows down. But I've tried software mode result is the same

A new image. This plugin is doing it in two. Hide inside your space shine. In fact, should not be.

[Image: 70ww1.jpg]
I'm going to move it out from bug reports until you follow the template.
I'll move it back then.
Sorry but your english is too broken to understand what the problem exactly is.