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Full Version: PSP possible?
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Hey, I'm expecting there isn't a way but I thought I saw something about running PSP games through pcsx2, but I've been searching and can't find anything so I must be seeing things. Found alot of people that were running pcsx2 on their PSPs though hehe.

If anyone knows a plugin, trick, etc that would be awesome.
1) pcsx2 does not play psp games
2) Even assuming it's possible, only a masochist would run pcsx2 on a psp

So no, there are no plugins, there are no tricks, there is nothing....
why dont you look up psp emulation instead of bothering the ps2 people for psp...

the way people run pcsx2 on their psp is a 'trick'.
they run pcsx2 on their real PC and just use the psp as their monitor.
the end result is fooling people that the psp is playing the game.
(its also possible to use your PSP as a game controller, so with this effect combined, it really looks like you're playing ps2 games on your psp.)

and no pcsx2 doesn't play psp games, and we don't have any intention of doing so.
the psp is a different beast to emulate, so for that we would work on another emulator.
if you saw 1 on the youtube videos that is a hoax/spam
they more likely plugged a special cable PC to PSP monitor instead plug it on a PC monitor.
Psp emulators last I checked only ran 1 proper game. But thats still ya best bet.
(01-09-2009, 04:05 PM)icemann Wrote: [ -> ]Psp emulators last I checked only ran 1 proper game. But thats still ya best bet.
JPCSP can run 5 games nowTongue
5 games then Tongue2
Ok, closed since the topic is derailing fast. At any rate, as said, no not possible