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Full Version: direct3D10 doesn't work
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I'm using gsdx ssse3 0.1.13 with direct3d9.As soon as I change it to direct3d10 I can't play anything. when I run cd/dvd it says error oppning gs plugin. could you tell me why that happens and how to fix it as I read here that direct10 is better with most games. Also I already updated my directx to latest version, it doesn't ask me for that anymore.
My laptops has vista 32bit, intel core 2 cpu 1.73ghz, 3gb ram and Nvidia geforce go 7300.
Your graphics card does not support DX10, 8800 series is the first Nvidia series to support dx10
You can run Dx10 in software mode, It will run slow, Dx9 hardware mode is recomended.
ok. btw Dx10 doesn't work in software mode as well))Well thanks a lot)))
(01-11-2009, 08:22 PM)agi Wrote: [ -> ]ok. btw Dx10 doesn't work in software mode as well))Well thanks a lot)))
By default on windows vista you use dx10 software mode from the moment the operating system starts up, for it not to be working at all on pcsx2 means your computer is too weak.
oh ok, I guess I have to start collecting money for new laptop then))thanks))
Its going to cost a lot to get a laptop that can run it well. The big problem with laptops is that the graphics card in them are generally weak or expensive.
Well some people said that PCSX2 not run in a laptop too much........i don`t know that NVIDIA 8800 run so very well DX10 because i have only an a 8400 video card too....hmmm... I learn more about this now.....thank too.......