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Full Version: problems
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hey everyone,so problem is i downloaded pcsx2 yesterday,since that i tryed tekken 5,found that this can't work on emu,so i downloaded tekken tag tournament,it look's good but when game start's it's all lagyyyy as hell like ~15 fps,next tryed tekken 4 same problem,can someone tell normal configs or help what da hell is problem? Smile

p.s. i have been trying to play them like all day,changing config's ant everything,ouu and in compibility games show those two games should work Smile
p.s.s. my pc 2gb ram,gforce 8800gts,dual core 2,66ghz,sp3
The tekken series requires a lot of CPU power, your CPU is quite weak.
Quote:so i downloaded tekken tag tournament
We do NOT support piracy here as our rules clearly state.

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