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Full Version: My computer shuts off when i use pcsx2
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Okay ive recently tried to hook up pcsx2 and i went on youtube and followed peoples steps but as soon as i run pcsx my computer shuts down ?
i dont know if its my computer or not ? i dont know how to configure it... and i want to play both kingdom hearts game sooooo bad

-I have a Gateway Computer
-Gt5662 Quad-Core Power
-Graphic Card ATI Radeon HD 2400XT
-and my Processor is AMD Phenom 9

please someone help me!

btw i downloaded project64 and i had no problem with that
(06-16-2012, 09:45 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]http://pcsx2.net/config-guide/guide-translations.html

it didnt work
does your pc shut down directly, or after a while ?
did you try to monitor your cpu's temperature with coretemp to see if it overheats ?
it's your CPU temperatures once it's touches 90C~ or exceeding Tj-MAX
it will "forced" to shutdown(instant power off) your computer "not windows shut down phase"
you required to clean up your PC for a potent dust.
so it overheats only when i go pcsx ? that dosent make sense ?
it could...
did you try to answer any of my questions ?
did you try tallbender's advice ?
i used my computer monitor and then i used my hdtv as a monitor and still the same? and i wouldnt know how to clean my pc from dust

and it shuts 5 minutes after the game runs

lemme rephrase it : try to supervise your CPU temperature using coretemp : http://dl5.iq7download.com/lm/cdn2/coretemp_1236.exe
okay i downloaded it but what do i need to do so my computer wont shut down
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