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Full Version: Does this laptop even stand a chance?
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The only reason i am posting a "can it run on my pc" question is because i do not see my graphics card on the list of compatibility graphics cards.

I am looking for a decent fighting game, or turned based RPG mainly.

Below are the list of games im hoping will run SMOOTHLY with my specs:
Tekken 5
GTA San Andreas
Dark Cloud
Yu-Gi-Oh GX The Beginning of Destiny
Any Mortal Kombat game
Any Resident Evil game
A turn based Final Fantasy game for the ps2
Any Time Splitter game (Number one on my list Wink

And that about sums it up! If you guys know if these games, or of any others that u could run smoothly on my laptop i would appreciate it. Thanks.

Processor: PremiumĀ® Dual Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20 GHZ
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel® 45 Express Chipset Family WDDM 1.1
RAM 3.00 GB
64 Bit Windows 7
Inspiron 1545
Your luck just ran out on the graphics card department.....please don't expect full 60fps on that...better get an upgrade if you can or else go back to playing in your ps2.
Edit:Your cpu is low end too...sorry
Edit 2: You can get playable fps on resident evil outbreak at native resolution with lots of speed hacks.Other than that it'll all be slow for you.
Yeah i have just checked for a software update and it told me its the best for my pc.

This sounds like its getting bad fast O_O
Its not getting bad..Its just getting old thats all.
Intel GPUs were never that great to begin with. Sorry, buddy.
I can run Persona 3 FES pretty good most of the time, is there any games that dont take as much of a toll as that one? Im not too sure if there's too many games that can run better or not because the only games i have tested so far is that one and Soul Calibur 2.
Persona 3 is easy to emulate thats why you can play it properly.
Most games are average to hard for emulation so faster hardware is needed to keep up the speed.
Well at least its safe to assume then that Persona 4 will work just fine. At least this old machine can play the best two turn based RPG's to ever live XP