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Full Version: pcsx2/mac 0.9.6 Lion released
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Iā€™m releasing a slightly updated version of pcsx2 0.9.6 ā€“ it should crash less because of the audio plugin. 0.9.7 is proving very difficult so no update for now.

From this version onwards this becomes a regular .dmg bundle with pcsx2.app separated from the required libraries package ā€“ which is still included in the dmg by default.

The package has been cleaned so that all libraries reside in /usr/local/pcsx2 and can be removed easily. The Uninstaller.pkg included in the dmg will do that for you.
Zedr0n's return wooooooooot !

great thanks for all the mac users out there Laugh
I'm a new user to the forum but long time PCSX 2 Mac user, and I just wanna say thank you Zedron for your hard work and returning for even more updates.