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Full Version: May be late on this, but MotionJoy supports pressure sensitivity in PCSX2
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Quote:MotioninJoy version 0.7.1001 available recently.

Add and improve some feature refer to http://forums.motioninjoy.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3319

Dualshock3/sixaxis/Dualshock 2/oldxbox controller, all them are with pressure sensitive button.

"Dualshock3 sixaxis Dualshock 2 oldxbox controller with pressure sensitive button in PCSX2"

Was just browsing MotionJoy and saw this - A month and a half old, but neat none the less for games that require it.
They use a custom version of lilypad, and have not provided source or credits for other aspects of their driver (the xbox inf for one)
That's to bad, I'd like to see it supportedin all the controller plugins / default.
Is it working fine for you? I see various issues reported on here and their forums. If it wasn't such a pita to install their drivers I'd give it a go myself Tongue