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Full Version: Dark Cloud Geometry Glitch
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The only way I could break this game while trying(as it works perfect here) was by turning manual game fixes;], those should ALWAYS be turned off unless someone tells you to try one for some game or you know what're you doing;], if you have any turned on, disable it and enjoy clean graphics.

(shameless ad >.<)
Also once you clear that problem up, if you wish to play the game in Widescreen, you could try using pnach I just made;P at the bottom of this post (/shameless ad >.<).
My settings?
GDSX10: Direct3D11 Hardware 2x Native Scaling (tried all the other options)
Texture filtering, no 8-bit textures.
EE and VUs both on Recompilers, normal clamping.
EE Cycle Rate and VU Cycle Stealing both up one, since I read on the wiki it helps the game.

Ah, well, that's embarrassing. Yes, game fixes seemed to break it. Sorry, I'm new to this... It's all better now. Thanks for your help, everyone!
widescreen sounds good... I'll check out your pnach right away. Um, how do I use pnaches? :3
If you have NTSC-U version of the game(couse that's for I made this patch;3) just make sure the number in the filename is same as your game crc(after you run the game it'll be in pcsx2 log). Then copy it to pcsx2\cheats directory and activate cheats in PCSX2 itself.
...How to check version of the game? I had to find an ISO elsewhere for Dark Cloud since my disc broke... I think it's american but I'm not sure.
;3 you don't even know what version you have, hyhyh;3. Well there are three main europe has PAL region, US has NTSC-U and japan NTSC-J. You can see that in pcsx2 log as well, when you run the game.
Quote: had to find an ISO elsewhere for Dark Cloud since my disc broke

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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