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Full Version: Dark Cloud Geometry Glitch
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Well, I figured I'd play Dark Cloud again, relive the old days, but whenever I try, I get this problem.. Like weird shapes all over the screen, and bits missing. All of these screenshots taken in the intro movie, but the game itself isn't any better.


Is there a fix to this anywhere, or could it be a problem with the ISO?

I've been fiddling with settings for hours, but it seems like I'm the only one who's ever had this problem.
switch to SW mode.
If you meant software rendering, that only made the problem worse, with GSDX10..
is your clamp mode was set to default?
Clamping modes set to Normal, yes.

I'm going to try a new ISO, to see if that fixes anything, because none of the graphics options help at all.
I'm pretty sure recreating your iso wont change anything.
Try stable version 0.9.8
I have stable version 0.9.8. I've looked online, and no one has had a similar problem...

Should point out I've fiddled with every single setting I could find, even things that seem like they wouldn't help... All to no avail.
tried dx9 mode ?
I don't believe it is default Pcsx2 to blame as I have no such issue.

I have only used DX9 on my old comp and DX11 on this one but as far as I know 10 is no different to 11 for Pcsx2 as it will hardly use tessellation etc.

What are your settings?
Again, nothing.
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