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Full Version: Unable to Run in Direct3D11(Hardware)
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Pcsx2 crashes after a certain amount of time whenever I use Direct3D11(Hardware) mode.I've tried 3 games via ISO so far, they all have this issue. All settings are default for emulation and plugins.

Any ideas?

One of the possibility is that the related dll has crashed/or any setting doesn't supported by hardware.Simplest way is to reinstall pcsx2(load default config should work if you can run the game for certaintime).
what games
what pcsx2 version you are using
older pcsx2 does not come w/ DX11 ready GSdxes.
games: Rogue Galaxy, Star Wars Battlefront, Final Fantasy 12
pcsx2 version: SVN Revision 5330

I'm thinking maybe I'm missing some software/plugins? I do have the latest version of DirectX though.
could you please stop asking support for downloaded games ?
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