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Full Version: [Ask/Request] is possible to add in option with speed hack in Mpeg/FMV game?
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In Pcsx2 PP, we see two option which are very important to me. Speed hacks and Skip MPEG in patch browser. First, My cpu is average (AMD X2 @3.1ghz) i had play many games with speed hacks use x3 cycle rate, but the problem was already known. Most games had problem with sound in movie/FMV, if i use x2 cycle rate, most game running with smooth in movie/FMV. Secondly, i notice skip Mpeg option and i had already tryed to get a code for Mpeg/FMV. My question or request is can Team of PCSX2 add or will add new speed hack option "just for FMV/movie" use with x2 cycle rate or under than that. If possible (i hope), that can be great help with Average CPU, since that user almost playing PCSX2 with speed hack x3 cycle rate. Regards
... it doesn't work that way. FMV have only one solution, cpu power. There is no magical "speed it up" hack we can implement....

That or you wait for further development...
I think he means an option to disable any speedhacks while an FMV is playing.
@Nneeve : yess, i agree with you in half if with x2 cycle or x1.5 cycle doesnt work/imposible to be implemented. We Just set in option with default hack for movie/FMV in game.
Nice idea, but i thing its not easy to realize. Most of all FMVs playing well with x2 Cycle rate Wink
You can simply save state before the MPEG,change the option back to default cycles,load the state,problem solved
Yeah, that kind of dilemma for me. I play the game, Almost with x3 cycle hack for boost fps in games, just only one game i had tryed with no different result or litle in Fps (shadow Heart from new world) compare with x2 cycle rate but that choice was bad result with sound in movie/FMV (repeated sound).