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Full Version: Problem with HP Pavilion dv7-4121er
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Hi. I have HP Pavilion dv7-4121er notebook. I installed all needed things, and bios. But the game is very slow also sounds. I dont know it comes with game iso or not, but i think it is my configuration problem. please help
PC specs???

if it's similar to my HP dv7 laptop on my siggy it's gonna slow w/ no big-deal.
Porcessor:Core i7 720QM
Video card:AMD Radeon HD 6500M/5600/5700 Series
I think it is not the problem of hardware.
You can try to put the iso into usb finger to isolate the hdd busy delay.(NB hdd is slower than desktop in general even in 7200rpm for many reasons).
Of course ,if you still experience the slow fps.You can submit what game you are playing and see any response .
(07-10-2012, 02:20 PM)kamwah99 Wrote: [ -> ]I think it is not the problem of hardware.

Do you know at what speed is the 720QM clocked? The 720QM was my dream laptop CPU back in 2011. I was using a single core Celeron 560 (Merom) @ 2.13 Ghz at that time. I could never achieve more than 15 FPS in the most light-weight games. An i7 with 4 cores and 8 threads was my dream... until I realized it was crap.
720QM basic speed is at 1.6Ghz and turbo at 2.11Ghz and as for pcsx2 it can heat up that fast when processor is at turbo state for a such a long period of time.
can be potentially perma-damage that kind of laptop w/o alerting temperatures and proper safety measurements.