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Full Version: PS3 Analog Stick Issue
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Hello everyone, I made an account specifically to try and get help with my problem. Any advice will be appreciated!

So, I just got the PCSX2 emulator and finished playing Kingdom Hearts, I did not need to configure the right analog because it wasn't used. Now, I moved on to Kingdom Hearts 2 and I have to configure the right analog stick. This is where my problem occurs. I am unable to set Up, Down, Left and Right to work properly on the Right Analog Stick.

For some odd reason it sometimes wants R-Stick Up to be configured to slider - or even slider +. On the off chance that it does go to Y Rotation, I am unable to set it up to get to Y Rotation + or Y Rotation - and then get it to stay there when trying to set R-Stick Down to the opposite. Most of the time, it will just keep one and set it to Y Rotation, which only makes it go one way and not both. This same thing occurs with R-Stick Left and R-Stick Right on the X Rotation.

I am using MotionInJoy and everything works fine except for this one issue.

Any help is really appreciated! Thank you all.
Update: This is what my configuration screen looks like. This is custom, I have tried finding a preconfigured one but those just don't work for me for some reason. Maybe it's just me not knowing how to configure it properly. Who knows.