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Full Version: kingdom hearts cutsceene slowdowns
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Kingdom Hearts runs perfect on my system for the most part but cerent parts of cut scene slow down. are there any settings i can try to make cut scenes perfect?

Amd Athlon 2 x2 3.0ghz
Radeon 6570 1GB ddr3
2 GB DDR 3 1066 Ram

Settings attached below
yous hould disable mtvu hack, and set VU cycle stealing to 0 and EE cycle rate to 1.
your system should be enough to run this game @ full speed without all those speedhacks
tried those settings, still get slow downs in some bits of the cut scenes. like in one of the very first ones it would only slow down when the camera switched to Riku. its odd.
what do the EE% & gs% say when you get those slowdowns ?
EE is between 45-50(normally between 60-80 ). GS is anywhere between 9-19(normally in the 20s)
hm. weird.
never had any slowodown with this game and neither your CPU or GpU seem to struggle.