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Full Version: Broken Game List
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Some games that either do not boot at all or crash not matter what settings are broken here are some of them
Jak X(Kernel Boot Error)
Spongebob The Movie(Freezes during Loading screens)
Spyro Enter The Dragon Fly(Three EE Misses)
Dead Or Alive 2(Nothing)

Will these issues every get fixed anytime soon because they have been unplayable for eternity and since 1.0.0 will be out soon i was wondering if the devs have attended to fixing these games?

Oh and keep up the good work, cant wait for 1.0.0Biggrin
Most of these games have been investigated, yea. The most curious one is DoA2.
Sorry we couldn't fix them yet though, gotta wait more.
I think you can forget about Jax X and DOA 2 being fixed anytime soon, Maybe never for DOA 2 as it would take a total rewrite. Although who can truly say for sure? there's a lot of talent in the team and anythings possible Smile
^and i was just saying how DOA2 might never be fixed, and Rama is already on it Smile Well we certainly have fast dev`s too
Actually it's pseudonym who took a good look at DoA2 and managed to workaround one of the breaking issues.
(Think it was bad coding from the game devs, something about passing a malformed argument list on bootup?)
There must be more issues though, since it still doesn't boot.
Synce was saying that the Jap version of DOA2 boots and is totally playable by booting with EE Interpreter and Cache Enabled then switching to usual settings on main menu
Yea, known Smile
But we need to endure the pain of slowness before reaching the main menu though... Tongue
For some reason DOA2 controls is kinda hard for me. The story mode is too short. Generally speaking I'm not interested in that game much.

DOAX series look attractive Tongue, although I have not played any DOAX game yet. My 360 broke recently.
(08-01-2012, 02:25 PM)Ice Queen Zero Wrote: [ -> ]But we need to endure the pain of slowness before reaching the main menu though... Tongue

This is why savestates rule Biggrin It's too bad Hardcore might never be fixed, it has a ton of extra content

PCSX2 is pretty amazing though, out of like 150+ games only a few can't go in-game for me and they're all from simple 2000 series - Jo'okapicchi, Cat Fight, and Love Smash 5.1. Some Some s2k games also have to be played in sw mode due to unique gfx glitches (everything gets smeared when it moves in hw mode)
And never forget: Evil dead a fistful of boomstick crashes after loading screen..
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