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Full Version: Star Wars - Jedi Starfighter graphical artifacts and sound bugs.
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The title says it all really... I get weird diagonal lines and music in the main menu loops at an interval of a little below 1 Hz. The HUD also has a slightly slanted glitchy spot that looks like a texture sheet for markers, but it changes. The sound looping bug only happens in the menu. Can this be fixed?
tried software mode ? (F9)
Strange i am not getting any of these bugs using the latest PCSX2 revision.
But i know that they are old bugs, for the graphic one you will need a new version of GSDX, and for the audio in the menus either use ZeroSPU or get a new version of SPU2-X.

Also, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter is a VERY demanding game, even with my C2D @ 4.2Ghz and Radeon 6870 it goes to like 30 fps on some scenes (mainly planet surface battles), running this game in software mode is complete SUICIDE.