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Full Version: Toggle between Hardware and Software Render (by pressing F9)
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Hello folks,

I have searched everywere but did not find anything. Is it possible to assign the command F9 from the keyboard to an xbox360 or ps3 controller? I would like to change between hardware and software rendermode by pressing the R2 or RT button on the controller!

I tryed some programms like xpadder but it did not work!

Thanks in advance

I tryed, but it does only work in windows! With pcsx2 it does not work! Or i am to stupid to get it work!
It should work with Xpadder if you set it up right..
I use AutoHotKey_L and I can assign every key\mouse button to every button of my gamepad.
I just tried setting R3 to act as F3 and it worked(window and full screen mode)

Send, {F3 Down}{F3 Up}
Thank you for your answers! I will try it with autohotkey!