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Full Version: Can't get my mouse to work as a right analog stick.
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I've tried every possible configuration and when I use the test device button it works and I can see that. When I go load into my game Kingdom Hearts (the only one I have) even thought I bound the right analog stick to X+ X- Y+ Y- and it does nothing. Any configurations?
Some Reccomendations :-

1) Have you Tried altering the Input API's for Mouse say DirectInput etc.

2) Is it a Wireless Mouse? If so then goto Lilypad --> PAD1 --> Configure the 'Mouse' Button (below 'Analog' Button) say to M (Keyboard).

Use 'M' to map the Mouse in the game.
(Click on the Image)
I've tried it with every setting. The buttons work but in game it doesn't register the mouse movement (left right up down).

It's not a Wireless mouse in fact it's a Razer Imperator if that helps any.

Lilypad Setup
Give Nuvee a try, it has much better mouse support (although a bit more complicated to use and configure)