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Full Version: Vice City Stories emulation problem
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Well,I just got myself Vice City stories on my computer,Its emulator is PCSX2 0.9.6,When I run the game,I got no control on anything,Not to skip the credits/cutscenes and even to move my player...The other thing is...sometimes the framerate is really high,approx. 250-270 FPS which makes the sound accelerated and makes the characters sound like they inhaled some helium...On the other hand...sometimes the game's framerate drops to about 24-30 FPS and the characters sound slowly and have a tone like Darth Vader's.

What's the problem,what I'm doing wrong?
Quote:Its emulator is PCSX2 0.9.6
get the latest version.
yours is something like 8 years old
(08-05-2012, 04:55 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]get the latest version.
yours is something like 8 years old
The newer version won't accept the .iso of the game...Like 0.9.6 did...
Its extension is iso.2z

Edit : I have been mistaken,I have PCSX if it does matter.
then, rem-make your ISO from your original DVD and voila !