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Full Version: Semi-Experienced pnach maker needs assistance
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Hi All,

I am not new to making pnach files nor to playing PCSX2; however I have hit a wall with one game in particular that I needed assistance on. I want to clarify that I am not asking for someone to make me a pnach as that would ruin all the fun Laugh

I am having issues with NTSC-U Legaia 2: Dual Saga and code breaker cheats: specifically the item modifier cheats. I understand that if the decrypted code starts with a 1 or 2, sometimes you have to make that a 0 for the code to work (although I have not found any reason/rhyme as to why that is): however these particular cheats never give you the correct item. Am I simply a moron or perhaps are the codes for Legaia 2 incorrect for codebreaker?

Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!
Items in this game are slot based,for example and for the item always use 1(because game uses two bytes for the item...because there are over 1500 items in this game)and for the amount,always use 0(because you can't have more than 99 of each item)
Slot 1 - Heal Potion(2BE) and have 10 of it
Slot 2 - Heal Bottle(2BF)
Slot 3 - Empty(000)
Slot 4 - Empty(000)

Moving\Arranging the Heal Potion to slot 3 will switch the values of slot 3 to slot 1 and slot 1 values will go to slot 3(what kind of item it is and the amount of it)

Also each item screen is continuation,it doesn't start from 1 on each item screen.
I've done a lot of cheating in that game,so just tell me what kind of cheats you want(I even made custom accessories that gives you the best abilities and one of them allows you to heal from the received damage and doing Mystic Arc any time you want without any cost(even after the guard skill Final Blow which reduces the block to 1...imagine the damage from 10x Mystic Art Tongue2...and after getting a lot of ATK power later in the game)

I always do those kind of codes for games that I already clear...to be able to instantly switch to immortal mode and revert back to normal mode whenever I want Tongue2
Thanks vsub! You have achieved what I could not and for that I bow to you sir!

Being able to perform a mystic art anytime would be awesome!

These are the items (along with quantity) I have tried putting in my inventory and failed miserably:

3 - power necklace
3 - tough necklace
3 - guardian orb
3 - savior orb
3 - protection badge
3 - Master's Ribbon
3 - Flash Earring

20 - Heaven's Secret
99 - Fruit of the Gods
1 - Popular Edo Dishes
1 - The Royal Gourmet

99 - Yumyl God Water
99 - Orhalcon Stone
99 - BlackDemon's Heart
99 - Red-hot Stone
99 - Kiness Life Water
99 - Belkran Stone
99 - Cle Meteorite Iron
99 - Sand Dragon's Eye
99 - Lord Crystal
99 - Ndiga King Stone
99 - Miraculous Vaunusk
99 - Evil Jungo Stone
99 - Anvenus Gem

99 - Monster Meat

Once again thank you and I owe you one!
And about the "Being able to perform a mystic art anytime"...the art is placed at the bottom of the character origin skills.
It's kinda complicated to give you just the code that add that skill(certain digit must be changed in address according to how much origin skills you already have and add the digit for mysic art in another address)

So I unlocked everyone origin skills and added the mystic art

MAKE SURE to disable the cheats after you add them(save to the memory card,disable the cheats and restart PCSX2)because the way the game stores items,you can easily overwrite existing item if the code is enabled while switching sort order
vsub, this is fantastic! I will try it out this weekend. HUGE thanks to you!
(08-09-2012, 12:19 AM)jlwmanagement Wrote: [ -> ]vsub, this is fantastic! I will try it out this weekend. HUGE thanks to you!
those codes work wonderful but i also am having an issue with items.. im trying to get the code for the judgement day sword for lang to work but even with using a converter to make the codes RAW its showing the code is there in the system when i load the game. but its not giving me the weapon.

Is there anyway someone can get a working version of the code this is what i have

//Weapon Modifier
This code is not raw...post the original one.
this is the code from its source

1A092EFD 00000??? plus adding the value of 15E

the code from site with added value is 1A092EFD 0000015E

thank you for all this help.. i could be using a converter that isnt working properly
Try this
That worked amazing. so if i may ask what site do you get the base codes from and what program is used.. i have the pcsx2 cheat converter but apparently its not working correctly

there are other games i would like to use the cheats for such as for example
Grandia 2 and 3 as well as radiata stories
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