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Full Version: game play issues
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ok here are my specs
PCSx2 current build
Mercinaries 1 from a ISO

the game boots
i can get to the reloading screen but as soon as the character introduction screen stars going in the VFM format it starts to bleed in white.
now i have tried using the preset to compensate and it dose nothing.

my pc specs.
quad core 3.4ghz
8gig of ram
and the GTS450 vid card.
tried software mode ?
ok software fixed it right up... now i just need to get the frame rate above 10 Fps.. suggestions ?
Use some speedhacks, set extra rendering threads to 2 or 3, overclock if you can.
It's highly possible your cpu isnt strong enough to run it @ full speed in software mode...
hmm ok.. i tried all the above and while it did get better.. the only thing i could not fix was the FPS the best i got was 34fps
and if its a case of not having the strength to run it then thats what it is.. i am not sure what else i can do.. may be up my vid card or go for a higher processor..
upgrading your GpU wouldn't help much unless you xant to go for higher res.
upgrading your CPU would help more ...