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Full Version: [Bug Report] Tiger Woods Pga Tour 10 [NTSC-U]
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# PCSX2 version: pcsx2 0.9.8, pcsx2 1.0.

# CPU options: Default. EE/IOP: Recompiler, Recompiler. EE/FPU: Chop/Zero,Normal. VU0/VU1: MicroVU, MicroVU. VU0/VU1 Advanced Options: Chop/Zero, Normal. No speed Hacks.

# Plugins used: GSdx 5334 0.1.16, GSdx 4600 0.1.16

# Description: Golf Players have black spots. Happens with both pcsx2 versions, hardware and software. See Screens.

Give superVU a try and setting EE/VU clamping to max
Well that did it. See screen. Never thought of changing the cpu options before since default ones seem work well. Thanks bositman!

What was it from the above though? Tongue
I did try the options you told me to change one by one. SuperVu and EE/FPU clamping mode didn't make a difference. Setting VU0/VU1 clamping mode to max is what did it.
OK good to know. If you got time, would be nice to submit your game and testing info in our public database. Follow this: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Sticky-Ho...ng-results
You'll first need to request for a new thread since we don't have this game in our list yet

You can check out some of my posts for other games to get an idea of how it works
Just made a request now using your examples. Hope its good.