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Full Version: Mana Khemia 2 twinkling sprites
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Hello. Here is my problem: during cutscenes some sprites may twinkle or just dissapear. And it happens with pcsx2 1.0.0. I tried using software/hardware dx9/dx10 modes, native dx-resolution, hw-hacks - it's still the same. Am I missing something? How should I fix this problem?
Are You using any speedhacks ?
Disabled speedhacks - nothing chaged.
did you try previous pcsx2 version ?
Oh, thanks for that advice. With rev4600 works fine. A bit dissapointing though.
could you please make a proper bug report to get it fixed, then ?
Probably stupid question...are you sure you are using the newest plugins along with the newest pcsx2.
I notest this problem while I was using some not too old pcsx2 rev but the problem disappear after I update(not to 1.0.0 but to some newer rev...1.0.0 wasn't released yet).

I haven't tried the game on 1.0.0

Edit:Just tried the game...new game and watched few cut scenes and at the end of the game few cut scenes(even kill the real last boss).No problems at all
I use default plugin set, supplied with emulator - that's GSdx 0.1.16 in pcsx2 1.0.0 and the same 0.1.16 in 0.9.8-r4600.

And one more thing: what is MGTS? It's mentioned in every bug report, and can't find anything like that in settings windows. I feel kinda ashamed.
That number is the same but not the revision number.

I used the default settings,recommended speed hacks and started the game from the disk...no problems at all.

Start pcsx2 1.0.0 and in Config=>Video (GS)=>does it say GSdx 5334

And about "MTGS" if you are looking at the guide how to post a bug report...the guide is old is contains things that does not exits in the newest pcsx2
I have GSdx 5334 too. And default settings as well...
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