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Full Version: Problem with Grandia 3
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It started fine, then this happened...


CPU Intel i3-2120
GPU Nvidia GeForce 550Ti

Got the latest Pcsx2 1.0

Haven't fiddled with the speedhacks yet, and enabled everything in the Gsdx except HW Hacks, and using x3 resolution (in short, it's the basic setting for most games)
Also something odd is that once i get to actual gameplay, it becomes normal again. I think the issue is with the cutscenes?
yes the cutscene in the beginning is in native res, kingdom hearts chain of memories also has this, because these are pre-rendered and not ingame cutscenes
Ugh wierd... it's a shame since the cutscenes are one of the best looking parts of the game... Any way I can force it to upscale?
Nope, best you can do is playing around with 2D shader, but it would never look as good as true high internal resolution.
Meh, then I guess I'll stick with trying to get a working 2nd disc...
There are two type cut scenes in this game.
1.Videos with HUGE bitrate(if they weren't with such ridiculously huge bitrate,the game can easily fit into one DVD5 disk)
2.Cut scenes that use the game engine.

I'm not sure what problem are you trying to show but if it's the low quality of that cut scene...scale 2x and up makes a huge difference(at lest here)
not all cut-scenes are like this tho.. there are like 10 in ttoal in the game i think?
Yeah. There's another cutscene before the picture I showed you that's in a totally different quality. I'm already going 3x native res and whatever i do, there's no fixing those cutscenes.
Aren't those the one with low polygon model?
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