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Full Version: DVD drive not reading PS2 discs
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Everything works fine, I can play games, read the ISO's, etc.. However, the dvd/bluray drive doesn't read the discs. In the past it had read PS2 discs without any problems, but for some reason it doesn't even recognize the disc is in the drive, just says 'please insert disc' ... I haven't made any changes, and I checked to see if it was updated, it can read normal discs just fine, so I don't think it is broken.

I tried seeing if I can burn an image of the ps2 disc, like I have done before, however it still doesn't recognize the disc. Where I am living getting another disc drive isn't a viable option, nor is borrowing someone else's computer.

I understand if you can't help me because I don't think this is directly related to pcsx2, I think it is related to my disc drive. I've used pcsx2 for a few years now, and never had this problem before.

TLDR: Disc drive no longer reads ps2 discs, doesn't even recognize it; it used to be able to read ps2 discs in the past.

Thanks in advanced.
sounds like the DVD lens has failed
So does that pretty much mean I am SOL... or do you have any suggestions on how I can possibly get that fixed?
You can get DVD drives for $20 (given you're talking about a PC one) off of Newegg.
No, I run it on a Sony Vaio laptop
Borrow another person's computer, or get a desktop.
Well... I live on an island out in Alaska... it really isn't so easy to get one... but basically... am I SOL in terms of reading PS2 discs with this laptop?
Unless you know a place where they fix the lenses or you can do it yourself for laptops, the easiest way is to get a desktop (or getting a new laptop which isn't the best option here).