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Full Version: run PCSX2 on laptop with descent FPS?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L455 Laptop computer and I am able to run PCSX2 game and it has good FPS (descent [40 FPS]) at the intro, but as soon as I get in the game it lowers all the way down to 5-15 FPS. It is not even bareable to play at 5-15 FPS. My specs will be at the bottom of this post if anyone has any tips to get the game up to even 30 FPS please post here. thanks for any tips. P.S. I have heard of people with really bad computers that change a few settings the open up more RAM and/or processor space so the FPS rases to upto 60-80. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. thanks!

Windows 7 Home Premium (No Service Pack)
Processor: Intel® Celeron® CPU 900 @ 2.20 GHz 2.19GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB (2.87 GB usable)
System Type: 64-Bit Operating System
which game ?
playing from disc or Iso ?
playing from ISO image file, sly 3 band of theives.
Try some speedhacks (ee cycle rate =2, vu cycle stealing=2)
Bu dont expect miracles since you rig is pretty weak for this particularly demanding game.
Better keep playing it on your PS2 for now if you want an enjoyable experience.
no change. i did notice though on task manager that my CPU is getting hit its 100% use when I start the game. is there anyway to temporarily disable some processes that take CPU up that would make the game lag/low FPS? thanks for anymore info...
Maybe, if you have some background programs that use cpu.
But your cpu will struggle anyway
Shouldn't expect much from a Celeron processor.
(08-24-2012, 12:14 AM)Ice Queen Zero Wrote: [ -> ]Shouldn't expect much from a Celeron processor.