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Full Version: Lost saves? -FIXED-
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I've been using PCSX2 for about three days, and just closed the program for the first time today. when I re-opened it, all of my memory card saves and save states were gone.

before, I would just close the game-window and minimize the application and log when I wasn't playing. I made several in-game saves and used the save states frequently, and each time the log would say "Data saved to disk without error". but now the log says that all the save state are empty, and the game tells me there's no data present on memory card.

I inspected the files in Documents/PCSX2, and the Date Modified field for the save states and memory cards were consistent with my usage, including several BACKUP files - so what am I missing? is there another step to accessing saves when you reboot PCSX2? or are they just gone, and if so why?

any help is much appreciated!

edit - durrrr
Have you tried booting PCSX2 in "No disc" state so you can access the memory cards through the emulation and see if it actually saved?

As for the save states, I have no idea on how those work since I've never used them Tongue
was this a multidisk game?
(08-30-2012, 03:37 PM)Ravin1337 Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried booting PCSX2 in "No disc" state so you can access the memory cards through the emulation and see if it actually saved?

Ok, I just tried this and it looks like my saves are intact. thanks.

(08-30-2012, 03:37 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]was this a multidisk game?

YES, the game in question MGS3: Subsistence, which has 3 discs but the game itself is contained entirely on Disc 1, and in the interest of hdd space I haven't backed up the other 2.

do I need ALL of the discs on my PC for the game to operate correctly? can my saves be restored?
not necessarily.

but theres an unfixed bug i mentioned to shadow lady awhile back when using savestates in multidisk games.

the state will continue to save/restore to/from the state file correlating with whatever disk you last started the game from.

this should not affect memory cards though, so can you select no disk in the disk/iso menu and boot to the bios, see if any mem cards are in the ps2 browser
the saves are all there when I view the memory card in the system browser. I also copied one of them to memory card 2, and still nothing shows up in-game.
hmm :< they *should* be read by the game. unless somehow the disk image is for a different region of the game or something :|
BlushBlushBlush I found the problem. I briefly played (and forgot about) the original MGS3 release before deciding I wanted the Subsistence version. same game, 2 different .iso's...I loaded the wrong one.

so, I'm an idiot, thank you for the assistance, and sorry for wasting your time. take care!

No worries. I've done similar things while using PCSX2 Wink