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Full Version: green scenerio in god of war 2
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my pc configuration is intel core i3-540 3.03 ghz, 4 gb ram, nvidia geforce gt 430 1 gb graphics card. I want to play god of war 2 but as i run it shows a green scenerio and slow motion.(sorry for my english) whn i run it through my god of war 2 disc, the green film was gone but still there was slow motion. But whn i made a iso image from d same disc and i tried to run the image. There was again green scenerio and slow motion. What should i do now. Someone help me please.
What software did you use to rip the ISO?
(09-04-2012, 02:53 PM)Ice Queen Zero Wrote: [ -> ]What software did you use to rip the ISO?

Alcohol 120%
Use imgburn. Then follow this:
Running an ISO file: Dismount the ISO from any program like daemon tools/alcohol etc. Then CDVD->Choose ISO, then ISO selector->Browse, find your ISO and System->Boot CD/DVD (fast)
thank u. But i just changed the disc image type while to playstation 2 in alcohol. It did worked but still in slow motion in some scenes just like open atmosphere scenes lag more rather than close like scene in a room
Check 'native' in GSdx