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Full Version: Need help with FFX international version, running slow
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My computers specs are
AMD athlon II X3 450 processor 3.2GHz
8GB ripjaws ram
windows 7 64bit
nvidia 8400GS
current resolution 1768x992 (32bit) (30Hz)

Everytime i start the game, it runs at 60fps up until the intro video where it usually dips to around 30-45fps.

[Image: xchMC.png]

I'm fairly new to the emulator so i'm not sure where to start. I'm not sure if this could cause slowdown, but i have the emulator program on one computer on the network and the iso file on another computer.

When i run ffx and get to the intro, as it drops to around 40fps i've noticed that on the top of the emulator, EE says around 40-50% and the GS says around 60-70% at the most if that helps any.
Quote:nvidia 8400GS
even if you set internal res to native, ou won't avoid slowdowns with this GPU, unfortunately.
and BTW, yes, having your ISO on a network share may not help either .
Btter copy it on your local host
What would you say is a good video card that would run most games very well (cheapest possible)
if you want to keep native res, I'd say a 9800 GTX would be enough.
if you want to play @ 2x native or 3x native, you'll need a better gpu
Running full speed at 2x native res with a 4570M (Demi 55 fps, Shiva full sequence 25 fps). Cool

GTX 9800 is overkill. Wacko
(09-15-2012, 08:11 PM)Livy Wrote: [ -> ]Running full speed at 2x native res with a 4570M (Demi 55 fps, Shiva full sequence 25 fps). Cool

GTX 9800 is overkill. Wacko

read again
shadowofanub Wrote:most games
not only FFX
Will this card be fine to run games on near max settings?

as long as you're not CPU limited, yes, it could handle 3x native on most games quite easily
My computer can run the game on this emulator quite easily even on 3x. It's a shame there's no way i can think of to have this computer to the processing and just send the video over to my tv pc.
if you can, try get a 560ti. its very good bang for buck. or even a 470.

The X50's dont tend to be very good compared to others around its level of performance. but ofcourse it all depends on the money you have atm.

This is asuming your not getitng cpu bottlenecked. Check your cpu usage when you drop fps and compare to gpu usuage ..if your gpu usgae drops and your cpu usage increases..it probably means your cpu is to slow/old. (higher clock rates are not always the answer, architecture matters also)