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Full Version: convert sstate from vm to vtlb?
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I played and almost beat Disgaea on a VM version with only using save states. I couldnt save on mem card cus it wouldnt work.

But since the mem cards are fixed in the new beta, I want to load my old vm save states on the new vtlb version so i can save on the mem card and not have to start over. (need to save on mem card at the end of disgaea to start new game+)

So is there a way to convert save states from a vm version to vtlb?

other than simply saving on mem card with vm version and then loading that with the vtlb version...which i cant do.
Disgaea memcards should work perfectly ... I know since I have 3 of them

WHat kind of error do you get when you try to save? Have you treid formatting the memcard in the bios first?
i just formatted a memory card in the bios, loaded my save state, then tried to save on the memory card, and it said it failed to access memory card.

then i tried taking one of the fixed memory cards I created by using the new pg beta 636, loading my save state, and saving to the memory card, but it got same error.

i can only save in disgaea if i take a formatted memory card, start a new game, then save. but i need my save state data D: