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Full Version: framerate problems on gta 3
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i setup pcsx2 as per that huge guide you guys have on here and managed to get everything working after alot of unsuccessful attempts, but the framrate ingame is so terrible that its impossible to play.

i looked on that list of compatable games and theres two versions of gta 3 there, one which says playable and the other not.

so is there anything i can do (tried searching for other topics but dont really know what im looking for) to speed up the game or is it hopeless to try? i figured since gta 3 is quite popular then it would run properly. i only downloaded an emulator because my ps2 is broken and i cant really afford to buy another one even if it is second hand.

so any help is appreciated.

nvidia geforce 7950 gt
intel core2 2.13ghz
1gb ram
First, Have you try to read sticky thread which are related for recommanded CPU and vgacard/grapich card to play with PCSX2. In many case, much problem with slow framerate/fps was related with those. Second, after you confident about your rig, lets talk about settings, tricks, suggestion with pcsx2 or in pcsx2 options to make better framerates in playable games.
ok well according to that thread the game should run anywhere between reasonably playable and playable. but right now its impossible to play.

i was looking through some older threads and it seems theres a million posts about slow gameplay. is it safe to assume that theres pretty much nothing i can do other than wait for a newer and hopefully faster version of pcsx2? i mean im not sure if i want to spend ages fiddling around with the settings if it wont achieve anything noticeable.
Or you can try with speed hack and vu skip in option. Hope those can help you much. I suggest you to play with pcsx2 playground and try gsdx old plugin like gsdx.0.1.7 and play under OS vista sp.1 but your ram kind of limited.
i have xp but ill try those other things anyway.