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Full Version: Ingame fps suddenly dropped!
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Hi all, this is my first post here so i hope it is in the right section.

I've been playing Dragon Ball Z Infinite World on the pcsx2 1.0.0 emulator for a while and never had problem (60 fps) but today suddenly it became slower (~32 fps).

First this appeared in the console: GSdx: m_merge is NULL! but after some research in this forum and after changing some settings, now it no longer appears but the game still runs slow.

My system specs are:
CPU: i7 3610qm
MEM: 8gb
GPU: Geforce GTX675m

Anybody knows why is this happening?

Sorry for my bad english Biggrin
Looks like that the problem as been solved.

I've enabled the MTVU speed hack and now i can run the game in +60 fps.

Also this message "GSdx: m_merge is NULL!" still appears in the console but it seems that don't affect the number of fps.
yes u did the right things

also make sure u are using directx 10 or directx 11 hardware in the graphics plugin. don't keep it on the default which is directx 9

also in the graphics plug in tick native resolution