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Full Version: Play MGS3 fullspeed on software mode!!!!!!
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Plugins: Divine & Ultimate (unofficial)
[Image: bandicam%202012-10-04%2004-51-02-718.png]
[Image: bandicam%202012-10-04%2004-51-31-769.png]

in-game screenshot:
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_13_00_437.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_19_55_847.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_21_21_450.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_21_40_911.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_29_57_141.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_32_03_190.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2-r5350_2012_10_04_04_33_04_180.jpg]

no links to unofficial builds, please
looks nice, but emulator is in chinese
Hmm those shots only show the gameplay of MGS3. I can achieve full speed in the gameplay, it's the cutscenes that I can't get full speed on in software mode.
Its the Same GSDX just with some images changed. Any simple Hex Editor or Visual Studio can help you do that.