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Full Version: Shin Megami Tense:Nocturne help
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i have some issues with this game being shaky and running slowly. the battle sequences run fine its just when im exploring an area IE yoyogi park it runs choppy. just looking for a fix ill link a video i made on youtube showing my emulation settings and the gameplay which can be viewedRIGHT HERE

windows 7 home premium 64bit
Intel Core I-5 3450 3.10Ghz
12GB ram
Nvidia GT 520 1gb graphics card

PS you may have to set the youtube vid to 720p to see the text
0.9.8 isn't supported anymore.
update to latest stable and use mtvu hack
get 1.0, enable mtvu, play on native

problem solved
alright i downloaded 1.0 how can i transfer my save states over?
you can't.
savetates aren't cross-version compatible.

Just copy/paste your memcards.