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Full Version: Iso...Bios... confused
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Hello new user to the forums...

here is my situation...

in the past I have used pcsx2 (the older version) with little to no problems...

I have burned an ISO image of FFX on to my cpu but can not get past the initial set up stage because I can't figure out how to dump the BIOS... in the older version all I had to do was click the ISO button choose the ISO and go... but i can't get to this point because the initial set up requires me to choose a BIOS.

is there anyway to dump the bios from the game disk in my computer or from the ISO that i made? I do not have the time nor money to mod my ps2 and have no idea why the new and improved version is making this more difficult.

I hope this makes sense... thanks
All old pcsx2 versions needed your PS2 bios to work...

How to get your bios -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3AVqzYcqSw
how to configure pcsx2 -> http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Quick-Sta...ide-v1-0-0
I never remember doing any of that i just mounted the iso using Alchol and it ran it from that.. maybe i did do it..it has been a while
that's the only way to get a working bios.
Just follow the tutorial, and it'll be ok.

If it feels complicated for you, just keep playing on your PS2 until you get better knowledge about emulation Wink
The video helped it seems like it will be simple enough thank you for posting it.