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Full Version: psx2 little problem.
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Hello people,after crash with my bike where only my right hand is not handicapped,i have long time to chill out and full recover.
Tried to emulate one of the best motorcyle simulations Tourist trophy to kill some time and hope i can play with one hand Laugh
The game is ok with graphics,no crashes,no nothing its just slowed for like 50% including sound.

This is my pc config

Processor: Intel®Core™2 Duo CPU E7200 @ 2.53GHz 2.40Ghz
Ram 2GB
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce 9500GT

Dx9 and later versions installed

Any help is welcome.
enable recommended speedhacks, set ee cycle rate to 2, and vu cycle stealing to 1.
Set gsdx internal res to native

that said, your pc is quite weak for pcsx2, so don't expect miracles...
Okay thanks for quick reply. God bless
Somehow the game works like a charm now :o
What the hell?